[UC Union] Urgent Notice of No-Malicious Promotion

Release Time:

Partner M***p, with promotion payment in UC UNION in July more than 100,000 USD, has been found using illegal and pornographic materials for promotion which is against the regulation of UC Union service agreement.

UC Union will terminate the cooperation with this partner and deduct all the promotion fee of this partner.

We hereby emphasis again that UC Union prohibits any and all misleading/malicious advertising method(s) to procure new users when promoting UC UNION product(s), such as by using slogan inconsistent with the Product functions, or by using inductive slogan.

DO NOT use the Malicious Promotion method(s) or STOP such behavior immediately if you are acting so.  

Upon discovery a Malicious Promotion, UC Union is entitled to (i) STOP your payment settlement, or DEDUCT your corresponding payment made to you; (ii) compensation in recovery of the loss suffered by UC Union, including but not limited to loss of UC Union’s good will, loss of users of UC Union Product(s), removal of UC Union Product(s) from Google Play or Apple Store, and any other loss as a result of your Malicious Promotion; (iii) require you to CLARIFY the facts for elimination of the negative impact shed upon UC Union; and (iv) resort to any other legal measures if necessary.

UC Union is looking forward to cooperating and developing with you in a healthy UC Union ecosphere.

More prohibition of advertising methods, please click here:


Promotion materials as below are strictly forbidden when promotion UC UNION product(s).